Spike Island // Arnolfini // Bristol // 2009

A performance created by London based artist Tai Shani. Enter a parallel universe of rituals and reveries where The High Priestess conducts a ceremony while above looms the spectre of notorious Satanist Anton LaVey, re-enacting his famous 1964 Jaybird Magazine poses. With the participation of characters that include The Forever Travelling Salesmen; Walking, Talking, Living Sex Dolls and The Messenger Majorettes. This glamorous and gothic performance was originally staged at Shoreditch Town Hall in 2008 and has since been re-commissioned by Spike Island featuring a newly recruited Bristol cast. Empire And Daughter Isotope also features a live score by the legendary masters of Doom/Avant Prog, Guapo making their Bristol debut. Join the cast and musicians for a drink at the bar afterwards when you are returned to the real world.